Tuesday, 29 December 2009


A sketch of one of my bests Brook, I don't like it so much though. Needs re-doing.
Something I thought up before sleep, slightly remind me of a red indian. But I really really like it.
A copy of John McCarthy's CD cover for 'The Yardbirds'.

A picture for a tshirt for my friend 'Granny'. She's gonna love it lerrrl

Woodland Creatures- Pathway I

Started pathway [ages ago but i have updated in a while, through sheer laziness!], and I'm doing a huge feature wallpaper piece, and it's all going to be screen printed on fabric. These are teeny tiny sketches that will hopefully appear in the final print. Sorry about the bad photographs, but the scanner is only A4 and they are all A3.

Sunday, 6 December 2009


mermaid banshee?

she isn't finished. she didn't fit on the page, so her bottom half will be done next week sometime.

couldn't wait. finished her. the lower half should be bigger ideally, but the rest of her isn't in proportion... excuses.


Tuesday, 1 December 2009

December 1st.

First frost, nice day, good days work.
phone picture, my scanner isn't big enough...

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Mumford 2. Had issues adding photos.


Dan Mumford.

Yet more artist research/poor imitations of brilliant illustrations/prints.

Rainy days

Can't really be bothered to write about what I do at the moment...
After being introduced to Keaton Henson by a friend, I've been drawing so much more. A few imitation illustrations, and one of a friend in Henson's style.
~Pretty standard scanner, so not great quality. But all done in pencil, then scanned in using the black and white mode.~

Looking at texture, so collected some leaves- drew them in Henson's style.

Henson overload. "I feel sick."

Oh and a shitty skeletal caterpillar named Jasper. Hilaro.